Production and Shipping

Products enter production after the 12 hour cancellation period. We work Monday to Friday and are closed on weekends. All production and shipping times are in business days and do not include days that we are closed.

Please add the expected shipping time to the production time to know approximately when your product will arrive.

Why does it take one week before my order ships?

Don't panic! Follow the Timeline 😀

Order Received, 12 hours of open Cancellation ➡️ Your Product goes to Print ➡️ Your Product now goes to the Press ➡️ Prep and Quality Control 1 ➡️ Now it all gets Hand-Sewn together ( No Sweat-Shops Here!! ) ➡️ Quality Control 2 ➡️ Package and Quality Control 3 ( Wrapping it all up ) 📦 Bon voyage!

Please allow for our production times to be on the high end of our estimates during a seasonal rush and holidays.